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Philippines    Disaster Relieve Fund

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(Nov 2013) With hundreds injured and maybe thousands that have died, we are stepping in to help the in the Philippines effected areas of this catastrophe from super typhoon "Haiyan" with our disaster relief fund. We need your help to ease the chaos, provide food, shelter and medical supplies. But it does not end there, we continue to help with the rebuilding efforts.

We are in contact with international organizations such as the Red Cross and local authorities in the Philippines, and many more. With our direct contacts however, we do ensure that your donations do arrive where they supposed to.

Our mission: We, the committee members will draw as little expenses as humanly possible. This is our long term donation and commitment However, planes don't fly and trucks don't drive for free. Professional services will always require necessary expenses. If at all possible, we will commit donations directly to the recipients without middle man and cost increasing processes. We are also open communications with the DZI(.de) to build the trust fundamentals needed for all involved, the donators, sponsors and most importantly, the recipients of funded operations..

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Phiasco(© network sites were initially founded in 2004 and started as a European based Philippine-TV network. The idea has been and still is to connect Philippine people with friends throughout the world and back home We continue to expand there (phiasco.TV). This relief fund is a new way to help directly, and will continue to fund various projects in the Philippines. The rebuilding process will be long and hard. It will take many years.

We also help promote and fund the Special Olympics movement in the Philippines. We connect to keep-in-touch with family, friends and colleagues.


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